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Epona Trust in Normandy, France

Epona Trust founder Ann Heighington and friends

The Epona Trust was founded by Ann Heighington in 1997.

A UK registered charity since 1997, and a French association since 2007, the Epona shelter takes in old or sick horses, ponies and donkeys, or quite simply those who no longer have a roof over their heads.

The shelter has no financial income and operates thanks to donations from the public and the help of a few volunteers.

If you'd like to support our work, please get involved


Who We Are

The Epona Trust is a registered charity, no. 1065013.
We collect funds to help protect ponies, horses and donkeys in the UK and France.
The sale of goods in the UK helps to fund our operations in France and other charitable organisations in the UK.

What makes Epona different?

Everyone wants to provide a safe and comfortable home for their beloved pets. At Epona we try to help families maintain their special relationships whenever possible. This can include helping financially during tough times when we can, and if necessary, providing livery. Our objective is to help protect those "special relationships".


Join the Cause

Your help is crucial to our cause. You can volunteer to help physically or place a collection box in your shop or pub.

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